Happy New Year everyone!   Today, we would like to share with you some of the members' new year's resolution for the new year, 2019.  We hope this y...View Details

Hello everyone! As we approach the end of year, Radio UP asked the UP House members to share what the year 2018 was like for them, and we would like t...View Details

Hello Everyone!   This week, we would like to present you the song that some of the members at UP House created together during the music group activ...View Details

025. ACFF review Part 3

Bonjour à tous! (English message will follow)   L'émission d'aujourd'hui vous présente le dernier reportage sur le FFAC, Ce sont les impressions d...View Details

024. ACFF review part 2

Hello everyone! Today, we have another episode with members' response to the Au Contraire Film Festival(ACFF), a film festival with films on mental he...View Details

023. ACFF review part 1

Hello everyone! From Tuesday October the 16th until Friday the 19th, UP House members and the public in Montreal had a great opportunity to be a part ...View Details

Hello everyone, welcome back to Radio UP! This week, we present you the short discussion regarding what we can do to help the environmental issues suc...View Details

Hello everyone! Next Wednesday, October 10th is this year's World Mental Health Day with a theme, Young People and Mental Health in a Changing World....View Details

Hello everyone, we are back! This week, members wanted to talk about what UP House means to them. UP House is a community where everyone volunteers an...View Details

Hello everyone, welcome back to our show! Today, we would like to share with you some of the things members at UP House do when they feel upset, anxio...View Details

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