The first episode of Radio UP appeared on the website on October 24th, 2011. Since then, different members have been working together, contributing their ideas and creativity, opinions and hard work to put the radio programs together. Radio UP is now an important part of Donald Berman UP House.

The inspiration originally came from Radio La Colifata of Buenos Aires, Argentina, which broadcast their shows from a psychiatric hospital.  A Swedish journalist was inspired by them and brought the idea back to Sweden and Radio Totalnormal started in Stockholm, Sweden in 2008. They broadcast from a clubhouse called Fountain House in Stockholm.  Three years later, members of Donald Berman UP House were inspired to start Radio UP when they saw the documentary film of Radio Totalnormal.

Radio UP is becoming more and more involved in our community. We went out on the street and reported “Montreal Walks for Mental Health.


What is Donald Berman UP House?
Donald Berman UP House is a clubhouse that is part of a world wide movement, Clubhouse International.  Its goal is to support adults recovering from mental heath issues in a membership community where one can rediscover his/her abilities, find self respect, develop friendship and rebuild a meaningful life.  We opened  in July 2010 and we have about 700 members and we are still growing.  Members and facilitating staff work side by side to run the clubhouse.  When we say members and staff work together as colleagues, we also mean that staff and members share in all decisions that effect the daily operations of the clubhouse and its future direction.  This is a non-clinical environment.  The staff do not assume professional roles such as that they are treating the members in any way that is providing some sort of formal therapy.  When you come to a clubhouse you will find it hard to determine who are staff and who are members.

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