Hello everyone, From September 28th until October 3rd, UP House representatives Lena and Nobuko attended the Clubhouse International World Seminar in ...View Details

Hello everyone, In this episode, members talk about creative activities that help them. What is your favourite creative activity?   Enjoy! Radio UP t...View Details

Hello everyone, In this episode, members share how they cope when they are stressed or anxious, angry or frustrated, disappointed or sad, and overwhel...View Details

045. Relationships: Exes

Hello everyone, Today's episode is about exes. Members were brave enough to share with you how their relationship with a romantic partner was affected...View Details

Hello everyone,   In today's episode, three members share with you an experience in their workplace when their illness started.  We thank the member...View Details

Hello everyone! Today's episode is about friendship and people with mental health issues.  Members talk about their experience and circumstances of l...View Details

Hello everyone,   In this episode, members discussed support from family and friend with respect to mental illness. You will find in their words how ...View Details

Hello everyone!   Do you live alone by any chance? If so, you will find it interesting today. UP House members who live alone shared their insight ab...View Details

Bonjour tout le monde! Dans cet épisode Marie-Claire, membre de la Maison UP, parle de son expérience lorsqu’elle vivait dans un foyer de groupe c...View Details

Hello everyone,   Just under 20% of members at UP House live in a group home or foster home arrangement. Members James and Imad share their experienc...View Details

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