UP House is one of more than 300 Clubhouses in the world that are affiliated with the Clubhouse International, a world wide movement.  Members at UP H...View Details

Hi everyone, July 12th 2020 was 10th anniversary of UP House, the only one Clubhouse in Quebec and Radio UP is based in.  This is a great year for UP ...View Details

Hello everyone, We hope everyone is healthy and as happy as you can be in this COVID-19 special period.  Today, Radio UP introduce you the members dre...View Details

Hello everyone, Members of UP House have been connecting virtually through our daily zoom meetings.  It is very important for all of us to stay connec...View Details

Hello everyone, We hope everyone is doing healthy in this challenging time.  Here is the part 2 of the stress management workshop 5 with Jade.  There ...View Details

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing as well as we can be during this stressful time!  There are some more Stress Management workshop sessions tha...View Details

058. Stress Management 4

Hello everyone, Today's episode is part 4 of the stress management series. There are a lot of important points discussed during this workshop, the epi...View Details

Hello everyone!   This episode explores the important issue of stigma around mental health.  Members talk about different components of stigma, exampl...View Details

Hello everyone!   Homelessness is a big issue in Montreal.  Nobody deserves to sleep rough especially in the cold winter like ours, and members talked...View Details

Hello everyone, We hope everyone is enjoying 2020 so far, and hopefully there are not many stressful events happening for you, but if there are, we ho...View Details

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