Hello everyone!   Do you live alone by any chance? If so, you will find it interesting today. UP House members who live alone shared their insight ab...View Details

Bonjour tout le monde! Dans cet épisode Marie-Claire, membre de la Maison UP, parle de son expérience lorsqu’elle vivait dans un foyer de groupe c...View Details

Hello everyone,   Just under 20% of members at UP House live in a group home or foster home arrangement. Members James and Imad share their experienc...View Details

Hello everyone,   Today, Radio UP is introducing a member, Heidi.  Heidi has been participating Radio UP for a while now, and she is a very patient ...View Details

Hello everyone! This week, we are introducing you our intern, Jessica. Jessica is finishing her Special Care Counselling program at Vanier College and...View Details

Hello everyone,   In the last episode we introduced our student Merry to you, but this time we are introducing Liza, one of the members who participa...View Details

Hello everyone,   In this episode, we would like to introduce our dietitian intern, Merry to you. Merry has been with us at UP House for 5 weeks, put...View Details

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Radio UP. In this episode, we feature Christine who is another member help creating episodes at Radio UP.    Enjoy!

033. Introducing James

Bonjour tout le monde!  (English message will follow) Nous voulons vous présenter les membres qui participent à la création des épisodes de Radio...View Details

Hello everyone,   In this episode, members talk about their life, what is missing, and what they would like more.   Enjoy! Radio UP Team

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