UP House is one of more than 300 Clubhouses in the world that are affiliated with the Clubhouse International, a world wide movement. 

Members at UP House have formed an online meeting group to discuss the Clubhouse Philosophy that is the core of the UP House community where members come, belong, and help running and developing the programs. 

In this episode, Lena, Heidi and Grant discuss the standard #1 of the 37 standards of Clubhouse International and an article by Mark Glickman, The Voluntary Nature of the Clubhouse. The recording was made to show you an example of our Philosophy Group discussions, and if you are a member of UP House, you are invited to join the group. The group will meet every 2 weeks on Monday mornings.


In the episode, the article read by Grant has been edited, but if you are interested in the full article, you can click here to read the pdf.

You can find out more about the Clubhouse International and the 37 standards, you can find out here.

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